Great Notts Bike Ride 2013

Another long ride – this time both Heather and Philip joined me for the 50 mile ride (plus the extra bit getting there and back).

This ride was more challenging than previous GNBRs – not because the route was hilly – it wasn’t, although we went over a few “cheeky” bridges crossing the A46 (three times!). Nor was it because of difficult terrain – sure, we went over the most pot-hole-ridden path in Nottinghamshire, but mainly we were on good road surfaces.

No – it was windy and cold and although it didn’t rain heavily it was a dull overcast day. If the wind had dropped it would have been extremely pleasant neither too hot nor too cold, but that wind and the wind chill!

For Philip, this was the longest ride he’d been on to date – and he didn’t find it too difficult although like the rest of us, the lunch break at Car Colson  was very welcome.

One innovation we added for this years ride was  “GNBR Bingo”: we each had a bingo card which listed some things to look out for – unusual features (cyclists wearing fancy dress, tandems, cycles decorated with flowers, Telephone box library) – suffice to say Heather won but Philip and I were almost there!


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